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Why Choose Hypnosis?

5 Reasons why Clinical Hypnotherapy
might be right for you

Make the right choice for your mental health

With so many types of therapy to choose from sometimes, it’s hard to know which one is right for you.  To help you make the right choice we’ve listed out five of the biggest reasons why we prefer hypnosis over other methods.

Hypnotherapy is one of the most rapid forms of treatment available today.  In fact, recent advances in hypnosis mean that we can sometimes conclude treatments in just a single session.  That results in huge savings of both time and money, as you can see from the comparison table below.

You probably noticed that hypnotherapy has the lowest total cost of all the kinds of therapy we researched (by speaking to our main competitors).

However, if you looked closely then you might have also noticed that the cost per session of hypnotherapy is a little higher than some other forms of treatment.  That’s because hypnotherapy tends to require fewer sessions and we still need to cover our costs.  Nonetheless, it’s still the most affordable alternative, plus you achieve your desired outcome much sooner.

2) It’s about healing, not coping

A Complete Resolution

We aim to completely resolve the issue that brings you to Unchain Your Mind.  If you have anxiety then we help you to reduce the anxiety to normal levels.  If you have a phobia then we help you to completely overcome the phobic reaction.  If you want to lose weight then we help you to change your relationship to food – so you never have a problem with your weight again.

We aim to ensure that your issue never returns.

It’s Not About Coping or Managing Your Condition

It’s about permanent changes at the deepest level

Subconscious Changes

Making changes at the subconscious level possible means you get the most permanent results

Powerful Models of Hypnotherapy

Flexible and tailored to you, our techniques get to the root of the issue quickly and easily.

Automatic New Responses

Life-changes become an automatic part of your thinking, feeling and behaving.

3) It’s totally bespoke

Every Session is Tailored to You

You are an individual with your own collection of beliefs, experiences and values.  We take all of this into account when we work with you.  Unlike many other therapies which try to impose a particular psychological model, we assume that you have a unique organisation and internal structure which must be respected to achieve the ideal outcome.

It Integrates Seamlessly into Your Life

We use the techniques of hypnotherapy to discover your internal arrangement and work within that framework.  It allows us to build resources, remove limitations and create the skills that you need to be successful, happy and free to live up to your potential.  It means that the work we do in therapy will integrate effortlessly into the rest of your life.

Taking a bespoke approach also means that we can work toward almost any outcome you desire so feel free to ask us whether something may be possible.  The answer is very often “Yes”.

4) It works for deep-rooted issues

The Most Up-to-Date Approach to Personal Change

Since the introduction of interactive techniques, hypnotherapy has become, arguably the most sophisticated and powerful model of personal change on the planet.  We use these interactive techniques to open up a dialogue with your subconscious mind and discover the cause of even the most long-standing issues.

Get’s to the root of the problem

Whereas other forms of therapy focus on helping you to change your conscious thought patterns, hypnotherapy transforms the subconscious experiences on which these thought patterns are based.  This means that you are not trying to think differently about things in your life – you are simply experiencing them in a more positive fashion.

As a result, many issues which are resistant to traditional forms of therapy (such as PTSD and eating disorders) can be resolved with hypnotherapy.

5) You leave the session feeling great!

Refreshed, Revitalised and Optimistic

Our objective is to help you leave the session feeling happier, more empowered and more relaxed than when you arrive.  Perhaps you can imagine being at our exclusive clinic and relaxing in one of our luxurious hypnotherapy chairs whilst the exhaustion and stress simply melts away.

That’s what we aim for at Unchain Your Mind.

We believe that therapy doesn’t have to be exhausting, embarrassing or overly emotional.  It can be energising, illuminating and even entertaining.  In fact, we find that it tends to work best that way!

When you are feeling relaxed and optimistic you’re much more likely to be able to make positive changes in your life – that’s what hypnosis is all about.

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