There are few things in life more essential than food – you will literally die if you don’t get enough of it…

But how much is enough?

Diets and appetites vary dramatically, as do the reasons why and occasions when we eat.

Some people have ONE chocolate biscuit and enter a desperate race to sweat it off in the gym before it clings to their thighs like so many barnacles bulging out the bottom of an ever-expanding tugboat.

Others eat THE WHOLE PACK and still can’t muster so much as an inch of fat to smooth out their bony, pointy, fragile-looking frame.

What can possibly explain these differences?

Here’s what I think:

We were never meant to eat every day, that’s just not the way our bodies were designed.  We’re hunter-gatherers, made to sail through long stretches without food then feast on the spoils of our labour.

But when was the last time you stalked a mastodon through the forest in a carefully choreographed and co-ordinated group of hunters relying on instinct and break-neck reactions alone?

Even our ancestors would shop in Waitrose if they had the chance!

We’ve chosen what’s easy but in doing so we are ignoring our physical nature.  Which leads to all kinds of problems.

That’s why our bodies have gone haywire and metabolisms are all over the place.

But, it’s not just weight problems you can expect if you ignore the way your body is designed.

Just imagine if you did that to your car or your boiler.

There would be steam hissing out of every pipe before you could say “Pass the yellow pages please!”.

However, we do it to our bodies all the time… we force food into it 3 times a day whether we’re hungry or not.

BUT… when you stop eating entirely for a while, strange things happen…

I discovered this recently when I did my second 7-day water fast (7 days with no food and only water to drink).

For a start:

You don’t get hungry UNLESS you start thinking about food.

In fact, I learned this from the fast I did just before Christmas last year.  This one was way harder to stick to that the previous fast because my mind was stuck on all those festive choccies, puddings and brandy butter!

So when I did my next fast, I simply did not entertain ANY thoughts about food and there was ZERO hunger.

My body responded to what my mind was telling it to do.

Now I don’t know whether your weight is something that concerns you or not.  Maybe your reading this and thinking:

So what?  How does this apply to ME?

Let me tell you:

EVERY problem we work with at Unchain Your Mind has some kind of physical symptom…

  • The physical sensation of anxiety
  • The panic feeling of a phobia
  • The frustration feeling of nicotine withdrawal
  • The hunger pangs of weight loss

ALL of these symptoms start in the mind, just like hunger.

ALL of these symptoms can be controlled by using your mind differently.

In fact, that’s why we’re called Unchain Your Mind, because ALL of these symptoms are just limitations that your mind has right now.

You don’t have to accept these limits.

YOU have so much potential that you don’t realise… because the media and advertisers are CONSTANTLY battling to keep those limits in place.

Coca-Cola know that they can sell you a drink just by showing you the bottle.  They are invested in that idea and they are going to continue triggering that thought in your mind for as long as they possibly can.

The pharmaceutical companies flash a shot of someone in pain and before you know it, your shoulder’s playing up, your knee’s throbbing and your head feels like there’s a party going on but you’re not invited.

Then Levi’s show you a shot of a sexy, semi-naked couple wearing skin-tight denim and… BOOM!

Social anxiety, sexual frustration, body image issues and a dozen other neurotic micro-worries erupt in a volcano of self-doubts and unfulfilled dreams.

It DOESN’T have to be like this.

You can release yourself from this programming, you simply need to re-train your brain to respond in more positive ways.  Ways that support the things that YOU want to achieve.

So you can get your emotions back under control.  And beat whatever problem brought to this page in the first place.

Of course, as I’m writing this, I can’t know what that problem is for you.  So I can’t tell you exactly what you need to do to re-train your brain and beat it.

However, you can find out very easily.  So let me ask you:

Are you open-minded enough to consider something completely different?

Something that might radically transform your life and set you free to release your full potential?

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About the Author

Matt Cullen is a Clinical Hypnotist, Speaker, Author and the Founder of Unchain Your Mind.  His techniques and philosophy of personal development form the backbone of all the change work that happens here.