The Secret Key To Inner Harmony

A Shortcut That No-One Talks About

A lot of people tell me that there’s a part of themselves that they don’t like.  A part they want my help to get rid of. Maybe you can relate to that?

Maybe it feels like a demon that feeds on negative energy and chaos.

Maybe it’s a bully who does nothing but put you down and criticise everything you do.

Maybe it’s a part of you that panics at the drop of a hat and won’t let you live your life

Whatever kind of part you have, I’m often asked to get rid of it… but I won’t do it.

It’s not the right thing to do, it’s not the smart thing to do and it’s absolutely not the ethical thing to do.

Let me put it to you this way…

If you went skiing and you broke your arm, would you look down and immediately think to yourself:

“Well I suppose I might as well just get it chopped off”


You’d be much more likely to think:

“I’ll do anything and everything within my power to heal up this arm!”

Just imagine how unethical it would be for a doctor to suggest amputating the arm before everything humanly possible has been done to save it.

That’s a doctor you hope you never meet!

I won’t be that guy and no-one who works for me will ever be that person either.

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The part of you that’s a demon, or a bully, or a scared little child (or anything else) is a PART OF YOU.  It can be healed, encouraged and re-incorporated into a harmonious environment within.

To understand how, let me explain a little something about how your mind actually works…

The conversation in your head is a dialogue between your conscious mind and the parts of your unconscious mind.

Perhaps this sounds familiar: 

You have an experience of talking to yourself and feeling that you have control of only one side of the conversation.

You argue and reason with yourself but don’t make any progress.

You try to ignore the voice in your head which drags you down but it’s impossible to escape.

You shout at, berate and condemn the voice but it refuses to change.

And now you feel at-a-loss, stuck in ceaseless conflict with your own mind.

You are two rivals jostling for control of a sinking ship, each claiming that they know best. 

Perhaps it feels like the forces of dark and light, good and evil, positivity and negativity…

But it’s not so black and white.

To restore inner calm and start living up to your full potential you need to embrace the idea that this conflict can be resolved and the rift between you and this other part of you can be HEALED.

You see, you don’t want to spend the rest of your life arguing with yourself… how can you expect to have healthy relationships if you can’t find peace with yourself?

You don’t want to be bullied by your own mind… if you can’t find self-respect, how can you ever earn the respect of others?

You don’t want to live in fear… you want to foster courage and adventure within so that you can expand your comfort zone.

So how do you resolve the confict?

Maybe this is the first time you’ve ever considered that there are parts of your unconscious mind who are talking to you.

Maybe you’ve spent most of your life assuming that these thoughts are ‘intrusive thoughts’, never giving much thought to where they come from.

Because of that assumption you didn’t give much thought to how you should respond to them.

You became like the captain of a ship barking orders at a disgruntled crew on the verge of mutiny, not caring to listen to the sage advice of your first mate, navigator or chief engineer.

And dismissing the criticisms of your rivals and competitors!

You became a tyrant in your own mind, communicating solely for your own benefit.

You can’t go on like this.

Not if you want to achieve inner harmony and unlock your potential for greatness.

Something needs to change…

You need to become acquainted with the parts of your unconscious mind.  

You need to start respecting them and you need to help them to heal from the traumas of the past.

You see, it’s those traumas which cause the negativity in your internal dialogue… but there’s a problem:

YOU probably don’t know what they are.

At least not consciously.

However the parts of your unconscious mind do know what the traumas are.

This is what makes hypnotherapy so extraordinarily powerful:

In the hypnotic state parts of your unconscious mind can communicate with you far more clearly that they do right now.

They can explain to you what motivates their behaviour, tell you which traumas underlie the problems they cause AND help you to resolve those traumas (which means putting an end to the negativity which comes from the part).

BTW, don’t worry I’m going to give you a very simple thing which you can do immediately to start healing up the conflict in your mind in just a moment…

But let me just check something first – is this making sense so far?

It’s a LOT to take in, I know.

These are probably very new ideas and they are complex too.  Hopefully they make some sense to you. Hopefully they resonate with you and touch something inside of you.  

Maybe you’re even starting to see how it works.

So, What Should YOU Do Now?

Having had the privilege to do several thousand hours of hypnotherapy sessions and speak directly with the parts of thousands of unconscious minds I can tell you what these parts (YOUR PARTS) want from you.

If you recognise something of yourself in what I’ve written here then there’s something you can do right now.

It won’t cost you a penny and it will probably be the most important change you’ll ever make in your life:

Make a promise to yourself that you will treat yourself (and all the parts of your mind) with the same respect that you’d treat any other human being.

Would you shout at, ignore or argue mercilessly with one of your colleagues?

Probably not.

So don’t do it with the parts of your own mind!!

That will make an enormous difference.  

I use this idea to help people beat agoraphobia, panic attacks and depression ALL THE TIME.

Of course, it’s a big change – I get that.  

It’s breaking the habit of a lifetime.

But if you’re still reading then I know that you are looking for BIG CHANGE.

Most people gave up on this article already.

Most people got confused before they even made it half-way down the page.  They didn’t want to put in the effort to make sense of something new.

But not YOU.

You are still here so I know that you want to go further than most.

Perhaps that’s because you feel like you’re way behind everyone else and you just want to catch up to normality.

Perhaps you want to see how much you are really capable of when you take the brakes off your unconscious mind.

Either way, it doesn’t matter because there is something else you can do right now. 

Something extraordinary.

Because YOU are extraordinary.

There’s no faster way to restore harmony to your unconscious mind than hypnotherapy.  And when you have harmony on the inside your potential for greatness is magnified exponentially.

There’s no limit to your potential when your whole mind is working as a team.

Hypnotherapy acquaints you with the parts of your unconscious, guides you to the traumas and releases them so that you are no longer shackled to the past.

You are free to be YOU.

So are you ready to take the extraordinary next step now?

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