I reached out to Matt’s services in a moment when I was having intensive panic attacks, lasting 5-6 hours. I’ve never had those before, thus I was unfamiliar what am I dealing with, was feeling scared, depressed and had this feeling of unsettledness, which didn’t allow me to relax my body and mind.

At that time I had only one session with Matt but the effect was immediate. The session helped me to analyse and identify how and where my body disrupts the breathing, which was extremely helpful. In my case, I realized that all the emotions and fear was held within the stomach area. After the session, the muscles around the stomach started to relax and I could clearly feel when getting intense and then when contracting back in relaxation. From there on I started paying attention and learning how to have control on it.

I would say Havening is an alternative method of healing that worked, at least for me it did.


Matt Cullen is a Clinical Hypnotist, Speaker, Author and the Founder of Unchain Your Mind. His techniques and philosophy of personal development form the backbone of all the change work that happens here.