89% Say Our Treatments Are
“Highly Effective”

89% Say Our Treatments Are
“Highly Effective”

Customer Survey

Last year we helped hundreds of clients to beat anxiety, stop smoking, lose weight and so much more… but we’re always trying to do better!  To improve our service we asked all our clients to let us know how we did.

Here’s what they said.

Here's what we asked:

One Simple Question

Our therapists sent this text message to everyone who had a treatment at Unchain Your Mind last year:

“You came to see me last year for a treatment at Unchain Your Mind.  To help me improve the service I offer, could you quickly reply to this message and tell me how effective the treatment was on a scale of 1 to 5:

  1. 1. Completely effective
  2. 2. Highly effective
  3. 3. Somewhat effective
  4. 4. It helped a bit
  5. 5. It didn’t help at all


What People Said

55% Replied

More than half the messages received a reply, so we split the respondents into two groups:

  1. 1. Clients who completed the recommended treatment
  2. 2. All clients (including those who started treatment but did not complete it)
  1. 1: Clients Who Completed The Recommended Treatment:

89% Said "Highly Effective"

We counted all the replies from clients who responded “Completely Effective” or “Highly Effective” to arrive at our success rate for the year.

That’s where the 89% comes from.

The vast majority (72%) answered “Highly Effective”… you can see how everyone else replied in this pie chart:

Wondering If it Will Work For You?

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  1. 2: All clients, Including Those Who Started Treatment But Did Not Complete It:

Full Disclosure

We want to be completely open about our success rates (rather than just showing you the best stuff)…

It’s true that not everyone who comes to Unchain Your Mind is successful. We do our best and give 100% every time however there’s the odd occasion where we don’t make as much progress as we’d like to.

Of all the people who replied to the survey (including those who did not complete the treatment), 69% said the treatment was “Highly Effective” or “Completely Effective”… which is still pretty great if you ask us!

So, What Does It All Mean?

If you’re trying to make sense of all these facts and figures then hopefully we can shed some light on them for you… here’s the most simple explanation we can think of:

Complete the course of treatment we recommend and your chances of being successful are 89%.

Want to know how we get such great results?

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