Dr Gray leans back in his chair with the casual attitude of a man who understands everything in the world.  His Hermès tie twists over, parading the logo for anyone who doesn’t already recognize the distinctive pattern that could only be Hermès.

Peering down through tiny, titanium spectacles he peruses my burgeoning medical file giving me the distinct impression that he doesn’t remember me from last time I was here.

It was two months prior.

“Hmm, so you’ve moved up to the stronger steroid cream and it’s made everything worse you say… interesting…”

Worse is an understatement – a completely unconnected patch of skin came up bright red after the first application.

“Tell me, are you under a lot of stress?”  he enquires, not bothering to look up from the notes.

A barrage of indignant retorts explode in my head, all jostling to be the one that mounts an assault on this impertinent doctor!

“What does that have to do with anything?” … “I didn’t come here to talk about my personal life, I want you to fix this problem you’ve caused” … “What do you know about stress, you’re only a doctor!”

Temper cools, better judgment prevails:

“No, I’m not under any stress.”

A bare-faced lie of course.  I’m an entrepreneur for one thing and the work of being an entrepreneur is not the 70 hours per week I spend working with clients, dealing with suppliers, maintaining websites and running social media.

The work of an entrepreneur is emotional work – it’s keeping the stress at bay whilst you build something that’s close to your heart.

It’s worrying about losing it all to the tax man, the bank or any one of the circling sharks of the corporate world who’d gladly swallow up the assets without a care for all the love and commitment that goes into building a business like this.

And the irony is that I actually understand the connection between psychological stress and biological conditions!  In fact, it’s the core of pretty much ALL the work we do at Unchain Your Mind and every consultant here knows how they are connected.

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Nonetheless, I was not impressed that my doctor was casually switching from talking about steroid creams and immune conditions to my general state of mind.

However, they ARE related.  Here’s how:

‘Stress’ used to mean that a lion was chasing you, at which point dramatic changes happen in your body to give you the best chance of survival.

And it’s not the long-term, finally getting some of my tax money back as a pension kind of survival… it’s let’s see if we can make it to lunch-time survival.

On a biological level, hormones are produced during stress that change your metabolism (so you have more short-term energy) and push blood much more forcefully through your body.

All this results in many physical symptoms if you do it long-term.

High blood pressure for one.

And if you have high blood pressure, it creates inflammation (as the blood is being pushed up against the skin more forcefully) and that creates skin conditions.


So, the way to beat the skin condition is not a dozen, ever increasingly poisonous creams, lotions and pills.

It is about reducing stress.

And of course skin conditions are just ONE example – MOST conditions you might expect your doctor to treat are stress related.  You see, we don’t die of flu or typhoid anymore.

We’ve beaten most of the infectious diseases.

It’s stress that we suffer from now – our bodies slowly falling apart over a much longer period of time because we are permanently under stress.

Does that make sense to you?

Here’s what happens: You perceive a threat, go into stress and physical symptoms manifest in your body that appear completely unrelated to the source of the stress.

Over time these symptoms cause the body to break down and eventually one part (like your heart) fails altogether.

So, if you have a long-term condition – whether it’s something minor such as a wee bit of psoriasis like me or something much more critical like a heart condition – then YOU have a stress-related illness that will improve if you learn to manage your stress better.

And, there’s no shame in experiencing stress – we all go through it.  However, if you let it build up then the consequences are both very drastic and very physical.


If you have anxiety or depression, that is stress.

If you are an emotional eater – stress.

If you just can’t beat smoking… that’s stress too!

Stress is also at the heart of 90% of the health problem we face in the western world.  It leads to high blood pressure, inflammation, immune failure, cardiac conditions… in fact the list is pretty much endless.

So here’s the question you may want to ask yourself:

“Am I going to let stress slowly break down my body, or am I going to do something about it while there is still time?”

Of course, there are many ways to combat stress.  At Unchain Your Mind we use hypnotherapy because it’s the fastest and easiest way to do it… but it’s not right for everyone.

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About the Author

Matt Cullen is a Clinical Hypnotist, Speaker, Author and the Founder of Unchain Your Mind.  His techniques and philosophy of personal development form the backbone of all the change work that happens here.