Don't Settle For Normal,
Be Limitless!

Limitless Mind™ Transformational Coaching
Online and in London

Don't Settle For Normal,
Be Limitless!

Limitless Mind™ Coaching
Online and in London

Your mind is not working anywhere near its full potential.


It’s limited.

Limited by the past

Re-living old memories, trapped in trauma, unable to let go of the past

Limited by your beliefs

Saying the same old things to yourself day after day… never making real progress

Limited by your internal conflicts

One moment you’re heading for growth but the next, you’re right back where you started

To Lead an Extraordinary Life You Need to Overcome These Limitations

You need to re-engineer your mindset

Limitless Mind™ Coaching Enhances Your Mind

Using the same techniques we use to great effect with our hypnotherapy clients to transform your mindset, release you from the past and make the future a limitless adventure.

Escape From The Past

You don’t need to drag the past around with you forever.  Limitless Mind™ Coaching techniques are specifically designed to give you freedom from the mistakes, traumas and disagreements of the past.  Our simple, safe and highly effective procedures release traumas without the need to talk about them or even know what they are!

Susan discovered Inner power

After beating 40 years of Anorexia with Unchain Your Mind hypnotherapy, Susan used her Limitless Mind™ sessions to discover her true capacity to be authentic and to be a real force for change in her world.

Smash Limiting Beliefs

Systematically identify and dismantle barriers in your unconscious mind.  Get rid of “Not Good Enough”, “I’ll never be rich” or any other limiting belief using our Time F.R.A.M.E.™ process and completely overhaul your mindset for limitless success and fulfilment.

Katharine was feeling trapped

During the program she found a new perspective and discovered the bravery to avoid taking the easy route out of her problems.  She learned how to take a step back and think about things in a new, more empowered way.

Resolve Inner Conflict

If you’re conflicted on the inside, you’ll never achieve your full potential.  Fear, procrastination and indecision will reign instead.  Limitless Mind™ Coaching teaches you a simple system for resolving inner conflict which creates inner harmony, peace of mind and limitless potential.

Jamie found balance in his internal dialogue

He was in conflict with the parts of his unconscious mind, constantly battling for control and making his life unstable.  Limitless Mind™ taught him to maintain harmony inside so that he could achieve his dream of becoming a personal empowerment coach.

Discover How Limitless Mind™ Coaching Can Help You

Don’t Let Life Escape You

If you don’t take charge of your mind now, you’re destined for a life of mediocrity.  You’re capable of SO MUCH MORE…

It’s Time To Rule Your Mind!

Learn Tools

We teach you how to run and maintain your own mind so you never get stuck again

Think Efficiently

You learn our proprietary mind management system to resolve inner conflict

Get Motivated

Release yourself from the negative experiences of the past and move effortlessly toward success

Achieve Goals

Discover your authentic life purpose and put your Goals on Autopilot™


Tune-Up Your Mind

You perform best when your mind runs like a well-oiled machine, but most people have no idea about how that machine actually works.  Even worse, most people have no idea how to fix even the most basic problems in their mind, far less tackle the deep-seated traumas and emotional gremlins that sabotage your relationships, undermine your self-confidence and overwhelm your nervous system with negative feelings and poor health.

A Toolbox For a Healthy Mind

Limitless Mind™ Coaching not only releases you from the emotions and poor decisions of the past, it gives you the tools to keep your mind healthy and performing at the highest level forever.

Tool: Negative Emotion Release

Use our Time F.R.A.M.E. process to release negative emotions quickly and privately

Tool: Limiting Belief Release

Eliminate your limiting beliefs as and when they surface in your life

Step 2

Take Control of Your Internal Dialogue

There’s a part of you that wants progress but another part is holding you back… and you always seem to talk yourself out of taking action now. Right? It’s an experience that everyone has when they approach something new. Success in life is more or less defined by how you resolve this conflict. If you can overcome this conflict then progress is possible. If not then you’ll remain trapped in emotional gridlock forever.

A Toolbox For a Positive Outlook

The secret to resolving this conflict is to learn how to communicate with your unconscious mind.  It doesn’t take hypnosis to speak to the unconscious.  We teach you how to communicate with the parts of your Unconscious Mind for yourself.

Tool: Negotiate With Your Unconscious

Learn to open a dialogue with your Unconscious Mind which produces real, sustained progress

Tool: Resolve Inner Conflict

Identify conflicts in your mind and learn to heal them before they destroy your dreams and relationships.

Step 3

Unleash a Torrent of Positive Motivation

If you’re serious about having the life you fantasise about then you need the right kind of motivation. You see, it’s not that you aren’t capable of feeling motivated. You probably feel motivated often… it’s just that your motivation is to continue the self-limiting and unhelpful patterns in your life. Your motivation is pointed in the wrong direction. Your motivation is pointed in the direction of avoiding pain rather than experiencing growth.

A Toolbox For a Motivation

Limitless Mind™ Coaching removes the debris which has built up in your own motivation machine.  You’ll find that motivation flows as naturally as breathing and you never need to dredge up motivation or force yourself into action again.

Tool: Feels GOOD motivation

Motivation that moves toward growth is far more pleasurable than motivation which seeks to avoid pain

Tool: Totally Consistent Motivation

Feel motivated to move towards your goals ALL THE TIME without the fear of failure

Step 4

Put Your Goals on Autopilot™

Your goals shouldn’t be a constant source of stress. You shouldn’t have to plan them down to the very last detail and spend half your time making sure you stay on track. In fact, if that’s how you’re approaching goals right now then you’ll never achieve anywhere near your full potential.

A Toolbox For Goal Achievement

Learning to automate your goals and turning the achievement of those goals over to your unconscious mind frees you up to enjoy every step of the journey.  It’s also the most effective way to achieve huge goals which most people would never dare to set!

Discover Your Life Purpose

Bespoke process uncovers your true life purpose based on the experiences which have given you the most joy in life

Set Goals & Watch Them Happen

Automate your goal achievement, feel the rush of motivation and enjoy the ride!

Take The Brakes Off Your Unconscious Mind


When you dismantle the barriers to self-actualisation, emotional stability and personal success it’s like taking the brakes off your unconscious mind. You no longer feel stuck, inadequate for the job at hand or lost in the modern world. You feel empowered to tackle the biggest challenges and overcome the fear of your own success.

Extraordinary achievements feel within reach at last!

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Are you ready to put find out what you’re really capable of?

Speak to a Limitless Mind™ expert for free for 30 minutes.  Discover how the program works and find out whether it’s right for you.  Use the button below to book your FREE 30-minute telephone call.

A Limitless Mind Means

  • No more procrastination
  • An end to negative self-talk
  • Stop re-living the past
  • No 'yo-yo' motivation
  • Not feeling conflicted and stuck
  • Never watching your dreams slip away
  • Getting rid of “Not Good Enough”
  • No more limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Learn the secrets of goal achievement
  • Discover your Life Purpose
  • Release negative emotions
  • Learn self-hypnotic mind management techniques
  • Resolve long-standing internal conflicts
  • Discover the power of your Unconscious Mind
  • Unleash limitless, feel-good motivation
  • ​Set and achieve momentous goals

What will YOUR limitless life look like?

When you learn to rule your mind and recruit the extraordinary resources of your unconscious into every waking moment, the impossible starts to seem possible for you.

You find yourself seeking out challenges rather than avoiding them!

Starting a business, transforming your body and healing your relationships ALL seem closer than ever as you feel the flow of positive motivation through your newly re-engineered mindset.

Whatever you want to achieve in life has become REALISTIC at last.

Don’t let procrastination rule YOUR life

NOW is the time to take action.  Don’t let your life slip away from you.  Don’t look back on this opportunity in 30 years and think:

“If only I had taken the chance…”

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