Do you want to break a habit, conquer a negative emotion or get your mind under control?

Well, here’s a useful thought experiment that will tell you a great deal about the relationship between your mind and body:

Just suppose that you place a high value on professionalism in the workplace (I know that most of my clients do).

And suppose that you find yourself walking down the road in your pyjamas…

Imagine this as I describe it:

Put yourself on that road in your pyjamas (or dressing gown, underwear, whatever…).

Feel the tarmac underfoot, hear the cars going by, smell the faint odour of petrol fumes.

Now, for as long as you’re a safe distance away from work (or anyone else you may know) then it’s probably only a little embarrassing for you.


Maybe you’re feeling self-conscious and scanning the horizon just in case you bump into someone…  but as you get closer to work you’re feeling more and more uncomfortable.

Perhaps you feel your heart beating faster and tying itself up in knots.  You feel your palms getting sweaty, or your head starts to spin… And the further you walk down that road to work, the worse it gets.

If you suffer from anxiety then you know these feelings well… and perhaps you’ve wondered why your body responds in this way?  Book a 30-minute telephone call and we’ll explain exactly what’s going on

Now, there does come a point on that road where you will be physically unable to take another step.  Almost as if there’s a line which you cannot cross…

But this line is not on the road – it’s in your mind.

And it’s every bit as real as the lines on the road.

You know that there will be dire consequences if you stray over the line when you are driving on the motorway.  There will also be dire consequences if you cross the lines in your mind.

Your brain will do everything it can to stop you from crossing those lines.

For example, you know that if you stroll into the office in your PJs then you can’t expect people to think of you as a professional person.

So you can’t do it because if you cross those lines in your mind you start to lose something very fundamental.  You’ll be chipping away at your own IDENTITY.

Don’t underestimate how important your identity is!

People sacrifice EVERYTHING to preserve their identity.  When YOUR identity is threatened (e.g. as someone who is highly ‘professional’) you will feel a burning need to do something.  Plus, a physical change in your body:


Hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are released and it gets hard to think straight.  You start obsessing about the smallest of things, like what you are wearing for example.

You might also obsess about cigarettes if your identity as a smoker is threatened.  Or alcohol, gambling, shopping…

You may even find yourself turning to food, sex or drugs to change your hormones (and how you feel) when it happens.  So you don’t feel so stressed out.

The beliefs that you hold about yourself trigger these physical reactions in your body.  When you do something that reinforces those beliefs you feel good.

Hormones like serotonin and dopamine get released.

But, when you challenge those beliefs you feel stress – which can build all the way up into anxiety, phobia and panic attacks…

So how do you make the changes you want to make in your life?

  • How do you lose weight if you have always struggled?
  • How do you quit smoking after 20 years?
  • How do you beat a social phobia?
  • How do you banish anxiety for good?

The answer is always the same – understand how your sense of identity is being challenged and change the beliefs which keep you stuck.


The beliefs which keep you stuck are unique to you.  To make the changes you want to make you need to figure out what they are.

However – just finding out how your beliefs create the limitations, restrictions and problems you are facing is very empowering!

Because you can easily change your beliefs – you do it all the time in the face of new evidence.

So take heart, whatever you are struggling with – YOU CAN BEAT IT.

You just need to learn which of your beliefs are keeping you stuck.  Or causing you to panic, obsess and fail.

There is NOTHING wrong with your brain.

If you experience fear, obsession, overwhelm or anything else then your brain is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

The way to beat all of these things is to challenge your own beliefs and re-train your brain so it responds in more positive ways.

So, are you wondering how to start figuring out which beliefs are keeping YOU stuck?

The best thing to do is speak to one of our consultants for 30-minutes.  It’s completely FREE and you will learn how all of this information applies to YOU and how you can use it to beat whatever you are struggling with.

You are guaranteed to learn something very valuable about yourself on the call.  It may even be the most valuable 30 minutes of personal development you’ve ever had.



About the Author

Matt Cullen is a Clinical Hypnotist, Speaker, Author and the Founder of Unchain Your Mind.  His techniques and philosophy of personal development form the backbone of all the change work that happens here.