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Don’t let fear of flying
keep you grounded.

89% Say Our Treatments Are
“Highly Effective”

Fly Freely And Without Fear Again.

Fear of flying doesn’t need to hold you back – we can treat it and get you up in the air in no time. You’ll soon be flying again, without worrying about what could happen – so you can go on holiday, visit relatives and get the most out of your career too.

Every day we learn more about how the brain works – and we use that knowledge to help people like you.  So you can get back to living your life to its full potential.

Look forward to flying

Relish the thought of foreign travel, instead of worrying about it weeks in advance

Enjoy the in-flight experience

Make the most of the entertainment and focus on your destination – NOT the worst case scenario!

Say 'Yes' without hesitation

Seize every opportunity to grow your career, improve your social life and enjoy your family.

Banish Those Feelings Of Fear Churning You Up Inside

Get those butterflies out of your stomach once and for all and break the chains of fear, panic and turbulence.  Your life will be transformed when you do.

You can finally reclaim your freedom!

We Use Hypnotherapy and NLP To Help You Beat Fear of Flying

These two therapies are the gold standard when it comes to changing your thinking and breaking out of negative emotions for good.

Wondering if it will work for you?

We’ve designed a quick and simple 2-minute test that will tell you whether hypnotherapy is right for you

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So How Does It Work?

Designed Around You

We listen to your needs and build a solution tailored to you

No Medication

We can even help you to come off anti-depressants and other medicines

No Equipment

We won’t try to sell you any expensive and inconvenient stuff

No Willpower

We’ll never ask you to face your fears or force yourself to do anything

Re-Train Your Brain To Think Positively

Using The Most Effective Techniques Available:


Through hypnotherapy, you learn to control your emotional state, so that you no longer feel panic building up and overwhelming you.  You learn to access states of deep relaxation and you learn how to get into them whenever you choose.  Read more…


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) helps you change how your brain responds to what happens around you.  If you have specific triggers that cause your phobia, NLP will switch them off so you don’t fall into panicking and worrisome thoughts.  Read more…

Evidence-Based Attitude

We’re constantly looking for more effective methods and techniques to help you beat your fear of flying faster and easier.  Our treatments are all based on the latest clinical research and, of course, whatever is working best for our many satisfied clients.

A Word From Our Founder

“When you get over your fear of flying it really does open up a world of possibilities. That’s why I developed the Journey Techniques, to ensure that every part of your journey can be an exciting adventure for you. Instead of a dreaded nightmare of anxiety and turbulence.

I started Unchain Your Mind to help people like you to live the life you truly deserve.  A life that’s not held back by the shackles of fear and worry.  You can have that life.  When you take action and beat this fear of flying you will be free to follow your dreams again.

–Matt Cullen

Are you ready to put Fear of Flying firmly in the past?

Speak to a fear of flying expert for free for 30 minutes.  Discover how treatment works and find out whether it’s right for you.  Use the button below to book your FREE 30-minute telephone consultation.

Free Telephone Consultation

What our clients have to say*

Your Treatment At Unchain Your Mind

When you come to Unchain Your Mind you learn to manage your emotions again, so you can stop the fear building up and overwhelming you.


The physical feelings of fear and panic will be gone and you’ll feel the nervous tension that locks up your whole body begin to unwind at last.


You’ll achieve freedom from the negative spiral that locks you into a cycle of worrying, panicking and fearing the worst.

You Can Get Started Right Away

When you book a telephone call or face-to-face consultation our fear of flying experts will tell you what you can do to start taking your life back.  You'll learn what causes this fear and how you can eliminate it from your life.


Beating Your Fear Of Flying Means

  • No more making excuses to hide your fear
  • Not putting off necessary or important trips
  • Not worrying for weeks or months in advance
  • Not spending the whole flight waiting for turbulence
  • An end to obsessing about flight safety
  • Not worrying about whether the plane has a fault
  • No more worrying about having a panic attack mid-flight
  • Never feeling claustrophobic on an aeroplane again
  • Not feeling out of control or worrying that you'll embarrass yourself
  • Saying YES! to a world of adventure
  • Having the freedom to follow your dreams
  • Knowing that you are in control of your emotions now
  • Feeling confident and optimistic
  • Travelling, meeting people and doing new things with ease
  • Enjoying the whole experience, from booking to disembarking
  • Flying becomes a luxury again, the way it should be!

So you feel excited as you plan for a bright new future

When you finally beat this fear of flying the world will be your oyster again!

You can visit exotic countries whenever you choose, soaking up the local culture and relaxing, safe in the knowledge that the flight home will be just as comfortable at the one you arrived on.

It means you can say 'Yes!' to adventure and opportunity once more, and never have to find an excuse to avoid foreign travel again.

A new job, a holiday home, a long-postponed visit to distant relatives - and everything else your fear of flying prevents you from having right now - will be yours for the taking!

Don't Worry About It Any Longer!

You've already had this fear of flying for far too long, it's time to get rid of it now. Take Action Now To Get Your Life Back.

Speak to a fear of flying expert or book a face to face session at the London clinic.

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