The Digital Detox Launchpad

3hr, Live Event in London: 1st June 2019


Attention: Social Media Addicts...

How To Control Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Time WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Social Life... Even If You're Hooked Right Now

2 * Expert Speakers


Group Exercises


Central London 



What Is The Digital Detox Launchpad?

A 3-Hour Live Event that will give you a 7-step process to break social media addiction

Practical strategies to release you from mobile phone dependency

Find: Freedom

Learn the 7-Step Digital Detox Formula and free yourself from your phone

Put an end to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) 

Find: Confidence

Discover how to IMPROVE your social life and build stronger bonds with people without relying on social media

Stop the anticipation anxiety caused by social media

Find: Calm

Put worrying about whether people like, share and comment on your posts firmly into the past... so you can post with confidence and have fun again

Simple, group exercises to help you recognise the problem patterns in your digital life

Discover Patterns

Get involved with the other attendees and learn from each other.

Re-program your subconscious with optional group hypnosis session

Subconscious Change

Stick around for the optional hypnosis session and experience a guided tour of your own subconscious mind.

Take away the workbook and insights from your exercises

Keep the Learnings

Don't worry about remembering it all, we'll give you all the key points in your complementary workbook.

Exclusive Location In The Heart of Central London

Meet Your Speakers

Regularly Featured on TV, Radio, Online and in the National Press as Experts on Addiction and Hypnotherapy

Speaker 1: Matt Cullen

Matt Founded and runs the hypnotherapy clinic Unchain Your Mind.  He’s well regarded in the media and hypnotherapy industry as an expert in the treatment of stress, anxiety and compulsive behaviour.

As well as being a key figure in the London Hypnotherapy scene, he’s an internationally renowned speaker, author and inventor of hypnotherapy techniques.  He most recently appeared on the cover of the industry-leading journal Healing and Hypnotherapy where he presented a completely new and rapid approach to treating flying phobias in a single, 1-hour session.

Speaker 2: Adam Cox

Adam  is the founder of HypnoSlimming, Phobia Guru and Addiction Experts. He is a hypnotherapist based in Harley Street.

Phobia Guru has a clear focus on enabling breakthroughs in the areas of phobias, fears and anxieties. Adam also is the main therapist for the Spider Courage experience where he helps a group of Arachnophobics overcome their fear of spiders in a 4 hour group session where they end the workshop by holding a live tarantula. For more information visit

Addiction Experts is a brand that Adam founded to bring together experts from the world of addictions to enable people to be free of their addiction quickly and painlessly. These cover substance dependency and lifestyle addictions such as social media, gaming, gambling and many others.

Attend this event and in just 90 days, you could be free of the need to check and post to your social media accounts AND significantly IMPROVE Your Social Life too.


What People Are Saying...


Re-discovered choice in when to use my phone.

I have a choice now, and that's fine if I want to use my phone.  What's different for me is that I'm now more aware that I have the choice.  That's something I don't think I had previously.

Andy (Ex. Email Addict)


Escaped the anxiety and need for validation.

I was addicted to being on social media interacting with people I have never met, to a point where I lost track of the real people in my life. My anxiety of making sure I have enough to talk about to keep the other person interested started to affect my self-confidence. When I used to see messages being opened and no immediate response, it use to make me feel really down and paranoid.   

Through my sessions I was able to unlock my subconscious mind and understand myself better as to why I had this addiction of trying to feel wanted and validated by others, and work on my self-esteem more.  At the end I was in a better frame of mind and even though I am not completely off social media, it is more balanced and I am more in control as to when I should put my phone down and concentrate on my life, and not get caught up in overthinking. 

Kimberly (Ex. Social Media Addict)

Is This Event Right For You?

The Launchpad is not for everybody, check below to see whether you should attend

Who is this for

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platform addicts who spend several hours per day using or worrying about social media 
  • Text, email and phone users who want control of their digital life back
  • Anyone who craves validation on social media through likes, comments and shares
  • Anyone who feels nervous at the thought of being without their phone
  • Anyone who suffers FOMO (fear of missing out)

Who is this not for

  • Anyone looking for an excuse to justify their toxic social media and digital lifestyle choices
  • Sympathy seekers wanting to hear how unlucky they are to be afflicted with a disease called 'Social Media Addiction' (it's not a disease, obviously)
  • Non action-takers who want to know how to improve their lives, but do nothing to actually do so!
  • People who simply want to learn the basics of social media usage (how to post etc.)
Love The Digital Detox Launchpad or simply ask for a refund as you leave

We're pretty sure that you'll love The Digital Detox Launchpad and leave feeling inspired to take control of your social media usage.  But just in case you don't (or you can't make it to the event) simply let us know whenever you leave the event and we'll issue a full and prompt refund to your original payment method.


Bonus For Early Birds, Free 1-2-1 Session worth £97.50!

Book today and you can still claim a FREE, 30-minute telephone session with either Adam or Matt

30-Minute Telephone Call

Spend half an hour on the call with either Adam or Matt uncovering the most effective ways for you to limit your social media time without damaging your social life.


A bespoke action plan: Clear and obvious next steps

At the end of the call you'll know exactly what you need to do to reclaim your peace of mind and stop your hand from automatically reaching for your phone.


Free Digital Detox Booster

Receive personalised email support for 30 days after your call to keep you on track to a healthier and happier relationship with your social media accounts.

Start Today! Choose Your Options Below

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Access to The Event - Only £20

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    3hr live event in London
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    Group exercises to challenge  social media addiction 
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    Optional hypnosis session to re-program your subconscious 

Event + Video Recording £25

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    Full access to the event plus...
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    Receive a video recording of the entire event 
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    Bonus: Also get the slide deck from the event

Event + Video + Hypnosis Home Audio  £30

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    Full event access, plus...
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    Video recording and slide deck, plus...
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    Exclusive motivation boosting, hypnotic home-audio program 



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