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Why ‘Distraction’ Could Be The Worst Thing For Your Anxiety (And, What To Do Instead)

WARNING: The information here is counter-intuitive.In fact, so is most of what we teach at Unchain Your Mind but the simple and straight-forward truth is this: Most other therapies are about trying to manage conditions like anxiety. That’s NOT what we’re about. We have a very different objective in mind when we work with someone face-to-face, over video […]

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5 Ways To Be Awesome This Year

My very first personal development seminar was a 2-day affair at a dilapidated hotel in West London.  Perhaps you can imagine the scene… 100 of those metal framed chairs you always find in hotel conference rooms, arranged in rows with a 6ft aisle down the middle.  The audience is mostly British, equally men and women, predominantly […]

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