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Stop Grinding Your Teeth The
Natural Way

89% Say Our Treatments Are
“Highly Effective”*

We Specialise In Rapid, Evidence-Based Bruxism Treatments

Our treatments use the latest techniques from clinical hypnotherapy to give you relief from grinding, facial pain and worrying about your teeth.  It’s an effective, natural and economical alternative to invasive dental and surgical procedures (which are often ineffective for the treatment of bruxism)

Clinical hypnotherapy is recommended by The Bruxism Association** as well as top surgeons like Dr Luke Cascarini who frequently refers his patients for treatment at Unchain Your Mind.

Our Treatments Mean You Can:

Put and end to Bruxism

Stop grinding your teeth completely – even if you only do it at night or you don’t know when you do it.

Escape facial pain and headaches

When you stop grinding your teeth you’ll wake up in the morning feeling fresh without headaches or ear and jaw pain.

Stop worrying about your teeth

Enjoy your smile again without worrying about all the damage that bruxism is doing to your teeth and gums.

Banish The Pain of Bruxism and The Anxiety It Causes

Release the tension in your face and jaw, put an end to the headaches and stop the tooth damage.  So you never have to hear your dentist warn you about bruxism again.

You can finally get back to sleeping well and remember what it’s like to enjoy smiling!

We Use Hypnotherapy and NLP To Help You Beat Bruxism

These two therapies are the gold standard when it comes to changing your automatic behaviour and re-training your brain for good.

Wondering if it will work for you?

We’ve designed a quick and simple 2-minute test that will tell you whether hypnotherapy is right for you

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So How Does It Work?

Designed Around You

We listen to your needs and build a solution tailored to you

No Medication

We help you to re-train your brain naturally so there’s no need for drugs or surgery

No Equipment

We won’t try to sell you any expensive and inconvenient stuff

No Willpower

Bruxism is an automatic behaviour so willpower isn’t needed for our method

Re-Train Your Brain To Act Differently

Using The Most Effective Techniques Available:


Through hypnotherapy, you learn to access your subconscious mind and re-train your brain.  You develop states of deep relaxation and how to use them to influence your automatic behaviour.  Read more…


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) helps you change how your brain responds to what happens around you.  If you have specific triggers that cause your bruxism, NLP will switch them off so you don’t slip back into bruxism.  Read more…

Evidence-Based Attitude

We’re constantly looking for more effective methods and techniques to help you beat bruxism faster and easier.  Our treatments are all based on the latest clinical research and, of course, whatever is working best for our many satisfied clients.

A Word From Our Founder

“Your bruxism is something that you can get back under control and with a little help, you can be free from bruxism.  I know from personal experience that beating bruxism makes a huge difference in your life.

I started Unchain Your Mind to help people like you to live the life you truly deserve.  A life that’s not held back by the shackles of bruxism, worry and facial pain.  You can have that life.  When you take action and beat this bruxism you will be able to enjoy your smile again.”

–Matt Cullen MA PDCH MNLP

Are you ready to put Bruxism firmly in the past?

Speak to a bruxism expert for free for 30 minutes.  Discover how the treatment works and find out whether it’s right for you.  Use the button below to book your FREE 30-minute telephone consultation.

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What our clients have to say*


Your Treatment At Unchain Your Mind

When you come to Unchain Your Mind you learn to re-train your brain so you can stop the bruxism and put an end to the damage and pain of grinding your teeth.

Stop Grinding

Through hypnotherapy, you teach your brain to send the right signal to your jaw.  That means your teeth rest comfortably in your mouth, rather than grinding away at each other.

No More Pain and Worry

When you stop grinding the headaches, earache, jaw pain, sensitive teeth and irritated gums all heal themselves.  So you can stop worrying about the damage it's doing.

You Can Get Started Right Away

When you book a telephone call or face-to-face consultation our bruxism experts will tell you what you can do to start taking your life back.  You'll learn what causes bruxism and how you can eliminate it from your life.  We can even teach you self-hypnosis so that bruxism will never be a problem for you again.


Beating Your Bruxism Means

  • No more pain in your teeth, face and jaw
  • No more worrying about permanent damage to your teeth
  • No more uncomfortable mouthguard at night
  • Never having to hear bruxism warnings from your dentist
  • No more migraines and headaches
  • No more worrying about TMJ
  • No more cracked lips and inflamed gums
  • Never feeling that your mouth is out of control again
  • A chance to have beautiful teeth
  • Sleeping great every night without bruxing
  • Knowing that you are in control of your brain now
  • Feeling confident about your smile
  • You can have cosmetic dental work if you want it.
  • Waking up refreshed without headaches or sore teeth/jaw/gums
  • Being in control of your dental health again

So you feel confident in your smile when you start to see healthy teeth in the mirror again

When you beat bruxism - and escape the cycle of grinding, pain and worrying about all the damage it does - you start looking to the future with a sense of achievement and optimism. You get back to enjoying your smile and being at peace in your body.

You don't need to worry about expensive dental and surgical procedures any more.

Beautiful white teeth and healthy gums will become a reality for you again.

Don't Put Up With It About It Any Longer!

You've already had this bruxism for far too long, it's time to get rid of it now. Take Action Now To Get Your Life Back.

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Release YOUR Potential At Unchain Your Mind !

**According to the Bruxism Association:

"Hypnosis has long been under review and some bruxists have found profound relief from problems related to sleep bruxism. One study reviewed the long-terms effects of hypnosis and a positive outcome was still applicable even after 36 months. This treatment has promise, and for some it may be successful."

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